Mimik Privacy Policy

Mimikremovals.co.uk privacy policy is in place to show how we use your information and details that you provide whilst you are active on our website.
The privacy statement that we have set out on the website helps to ensure our customers that your privacy details are protected with Mimik Removals and we follow the points and information from the Data protection act 1998. (https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/contents).
If for any reason you would like to check our registration number Reg NO. 12195227  |  Vat NO. 332914707

  1. Details given to Mimik Removals
    Mimik Removals website users provide personal information such as name, email, contact numbers, addresses and other details that we require to proceed with your booking at the customer’s discretion.
    All the personal details that our website requires you to enter for the quotation are the details for Mimik Removals to have a general idea of whom we are booking and to have contact with the customers regarding quotations and bookings.
  2. How we use your information
    All the personal details that Mimik Removals website requires you to enter for the quotation are stored to communicate with you if needed or to have forms of communication with our customers so that your booking with us can go as smooth as possible. Your emails and phone numbers that you provide to Mimik removals will be used to send you the booking and quotation details/confirmations via these methods.

Any data gathered by Mimik removals is used for legal quality and training purposes.

Your information will not be given to anybody else for any other purposes unless issues of payments or claims arise. If Mimik removals is unsuccessful in retrieving outstanding balances, your details may be then passed onto third party debt collections to retrieve payments.

Furthermore, please note that if organisations like the police ask for your details, we have the right to pass your details to lawful organisations for investigation purposes.

We have a secure HTTPS in place on our website to ensure that your personal details are processed as secure as possible. All risks for this matter will solely be on at your own.

All customers’ privacy details will be used only in accordance with the Data protection act 1998 and will be followed very closely.

  1. Cookies
    Like most websites, Mimik removals.co.uk also uses cookies to make your activity on our website much smoother and simple to use. The cookies will allow our website to see what links and options you pick on our website so when you are visiting our website again, we can make it simpler to show your preferences and recently clicked sites.
    By using our website, you will automatically be accepting the use of our cookies in this privacy policy. These cookies are solely used to help make our interactions with our website much smoother and any details attained from the cookies will not be used for anything else.
  2. Changes to our privacy policy
    Mimik removals privacy policy can change from time to time as we must keep it up to date and make all relevant changes. Please do visit our privacy policy page to see these new changes and see all new updates made by the Mimik removals team.
  3. Contact us
    You have the right to update and change any personal details that we have on our system for you. You may also get in touch with us and ask what specific information we have for you. Any other inquiries on the information we hold for you, please do not hesitate to contact us as Mimik removals team is here to help with all your queries.

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For all responses needed in writing please contact us via email.